Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Planning Ahead

Organizing the outline for the year-

I find that if I have made a plan...  then even if change has to happen I am not frazzled and stressed out!

We made a folder for each girl in Activity Days.

I got the clipart from Melonheads LDS Illustrating

In this folder we give them each their own "Faith in God" booklet,  a calendar of events- a list of what we will be doing for the next 6 months- the other class ( 8-9 year old's) made up a whole year in advanced... but for me I will stick to 6 months.- Is that bad?  I don't know- maybe I could stretch myself... But I think I will do what I can and add to that later.  I can't overwhelm myself-
Dang... think about this I am starting a blog at the same time... I think 6 months will be fine... right?

So anyway the other things in the folder are a list of the girls, leaders, and Primary Presidency with phone numbers, addresses and everyone's birthdays.  (necessary, you ask?... the phone numbers definitely are... and for me the addresses are- because I am new to the ward... so it helps if I have to take any kids home or pick anyone up.)

Then we have a fun copy of the Articles of Faith. I copied them down from the LDS.org and added little clipart pictures tot he side of them... I am super visual- and so if I can picture in my mind a something fun of what the verse is saying- I can remember it so much faster.  Here is the link to where I found really cute clipart to go along with them.

In this cute packet they had received from when they first entered the program " Articles of Faith Keys"
I think they got them from Sugardoodle -if not, it is close enough - anyway they look like this:

We also made sure that each of the girls had a
Faith in God Achievement Record to fill out.  It is in the back of the Faith in God Pamphlet it looks like this:

And then Lastly we included an "outline" for the year.  It started out like this- (but I am sure we will make adjustments soon).

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